Meet Dr. Smith – Dr. Smith is a dedicated learner and an enthusiastic teacher of all things related to the body and to health. Click here to learn more about her qualifications, background, medical philosophy and personal hobbies. In the video below, Dr. Smith talks about acupuncture and bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine at the Integrate Chicago conference.


I hope that you will find the information I have gathered and constructed for you on my site to be useful. It is my goal to answer your questions and allay your concerns about seeing a physician who is an acupuncturist and herbalist: a Traditional Asian Medicine practitioner.

If this is your first time, I encourage you to learn about the components of Traditional Asian Medicine and the differences between Chinese and Japanese acupuncture styles. I also suggest you read about What to Expect during your first and subsequent visits. There is also information about frequently asked insurance and financial questions here.

If you know you will love this and want to bypass all the information for now, or you’ve previously been successfully treated with acupuncture and want to come back, then please call (773) 609-3520 for an appointment. You can also click here to book an appointment online if you are a returning patient.

Because there are many things to go over with new patients in preparation for your visit, online appointments are not an option: please call the office for an appointment.

My office is located at 4753 N Broadway, Suite 810, Chicago, IL 60640 within Chicago Healing Center.

I’m delighted that you came to my site and look forward to seeing you in person!

Acupuncture in Chicago by Leslie Smith, MD

– Leslie Smith, MD

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4753 N Broadway, Suite 810
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