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I am in the process of retooling my website. In the past, it has been tailored to being in private practice (Chicago Healing Center). I have closed my private clinic as of February 2019. I am working on making the site more appropriate for my current work as Director of Integrative Medicine and Director of Culinary Medicine at SIU School of Medicine, for lecturing and teaching, and for publications or other forms of information dissemination. Please be patient with me while I make this transition.

In the video below, I talk about acupuncture and bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine at the Integrate Chicago conference. This lecture is framed in 5 Element Theory and provides a brief overview into how the Elements interact with each other.

Old Contact Information

The old contact information (773-609-3520) now connects to Uptown Acupuncture, run by Sarah Bartle, LAc. Sarah has also taken over the space at 4753 N Broadway, Suite 812 (the CAC space), which was right next door to my office. I have given up my lease from Suite 810 and am no longer seeing patients in Chicago, but as of September 2020, I will be able to do telehealth visits remotely. Please see more information below about making appointments.

New Contact Information

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

I am now seeing patients exclusively at SIU School of Medicine (Center for Family and Community Medicine) in Springfield, IL. If you wish to make an appointment to see me in clinic, please call 217-545-8000 (HIPPA compliant) to schedule an appointment. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but I am not able to make appointments for myself: please use the number above if this is what you would like.

If you need to reach me personally for some other reason, I have created a Google voice line (773-217-0567) that is seen by me only (but is not HIPPA compliant) or you can reach me via email (LeslieTCM@gmail.com) (also not HIPPA compliant). I do my best to respond quickly, but please be patient. You can also reach me through the SIU patient portal: FollowMyHealth.

Note that beginning September 2020, I will be seeing patients in person and via telehealth, so options for long distance visits will be available. I will also be seeing patients for Functional Medicine evaluation beginning September 2020.

Acupuncture Team at SIU

I now have another acupuncturist working with me at SIU. He has an advanced degree in traditional Asian medicine (Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, DAOM) and is a superb clinician: Corry Meyers. Appointments with Dr. Meyers are available through our scheduler at the same number as above: 217-545-8000 (HIPPA compliant).

Special Welcome

Dr. Meyers and I would like to give a special welcome to any patients from Moon Hill Acupuncture and to thank Ashlie Martin, LAc for trusting us with your care!

New Patient Intake Form

If you are coming in for a first time appointment with Dr. Smith or Dr. Meyers, please download and bring this New Patient Intake Form with you.

To recap:

Thanks for checking in!

–C Leslie Smith, MS, MA, LAc, MD, DABMA, Dipl.Ac.


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