No one likes the ideas of needles poking them in the skin.  I understand your concerns and trepidations and have constructed this section to ease your mind and answer your questions. If they don’t allay your concerns, please feel free to my staff at (773) 609-3520  to discuss any questions you may have prior to your appointment.

–Dr. Smith

Frequently asked questions

1. Do you take insurance? Are you “in network” with my insurance company?

“In network” means that providers have signed a contract with an insurance company to accept whatever fees the insurance company is offering. “Out of network” means that the provider has not signed a contract with an insurance company. The network is the list of practitioners that have signed up to accept that insurance company’s reimbursement structure.

Dr. Smith is out of network with all insurance companies and does not accept direct insurance company reimbursement. Her practice is a “fee for service” practice, meaning that she asks for payment of services at the time of service.

2. Can I be reimbursed by my insurance company for my visit(s)? What is a superbill?

A superbill is a piece of paper with all the diagnostic and treatment codes on it. It is signed by you and by the provider (Dr. Smith) and then submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. Smith does her best to select appropriate codes that it are more likely to be reimbursed and at the same time maintaining the integrity of what was done during the treatment.

3. What if I cannot afford to come and see Dr. Smith?

Dr. Smith recognized that this was an issue and created the Chicago Healing Center Community Acupuncture Clinic in response. The CAC is staffed by acupuncturists that she knows very well and trusts with her own care. The set-up in this clinic is such that the acupuncturist can treat multiple people in a shorter period of time. Rather than using that model to increase profit margins, she chose to use this style of clinic to keep costs low for patients.

In this clinic, practitioners provide excellent acupuncture services (including gua sha, cupping, and moxibustion), prescribe herbs, give dietary recommendations, and counsel patients. They have access to Dr. Smith’s full herbal pharmacy, her lasers, etc., as the two clinics are adjoining and share support staff.

In the Chicago Healing Center Community Acupuncture Clinic initial consults are $65 and follow-up treatments are $55.

For patients who qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, for full-time students, and for veterans or active duty military, a deep discount is offered when a valid ID is presented.

If you would like to make an appointment online, you can do so here or by calling (773) 609-3520.

4. Does the Chicago Healing Center Community Acupuncture Clinic take insurance?

The Chicago Healing Center Community Acupuncture Clinic is also a fee-for-service practice. Payment is expected at the time of service. Patients can still receive a superbill and submit it for reimbursement to their insurance company. Please note that Medicare and Medicaid do not currently reimburse for acupuncture, but a person’s secondary insurance might do so.